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You can purchase ExtremePlanner online now for download and installation on your own Windows or Linux server from our authorized reseller 2Checkout.

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Description Price Quantity Total
ExtremePlanner License (per user) $149 $745
  Annual Maintenance (per user) $40   $200

Sales Questions and Answers

  • How much does ExtremePlanner cost?
    ExtremePlanner is priced at $149 per named user of the software. You may purchase as few or as many licenses as you need for your team size. Annual maintenance is available for an additional $40 per named user, and includes all software updates for the year.
  • How do I purchase ExtremePlanner?
    You can order ExtremePlanner online using the form above - choose the number of licenses you need and continue to the checkout page. From there you can select your payment method (credit card, check, etc.) and enter billing information securely. 2Checkout is our authorized reseller for online purchases.
  • What do I receive when I purchase ExtremePlanner?
    You will receive an email with instructions for downloading and installing ExtremePlanner software on your local server. You will also receive a license key that allows you to create and use the number of named users that you requested.

    All purchases are covered by our 30 day risk-free policy - we will cheerfully refund your purchase price if you don't find that ExtremePlanner helps your team communicate and collaborate more effectively.

  • What is a "named user"?

    A named user is an actual user account that you create in ExtremePlanner. You can have as many active user accounts as your license supports.

  • What does the Annual Maintenance plan cover?

    Annual maintenance is priced per user, and includes ALL upgrades and new versions of the software that are released during a one (1) year period. Typically we release updates to the software at least twice per year.

  • Can I upgrade to more users at a later time?

    Yes, you can add users to your license at any time. Contact sales using the link below for more information on upgrades.

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System Requirements:

Server OS:
- Windows 2000/XP/2003
- Unix/Linux
  * JDK 1.4.2+
  * Apache Tomcat 4.1+

- Any modern browser
- Any operating system


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