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ExtremePlanner - Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I track progress without a Gannt chart?
    A "burn-down" chart can tell you the rate of completion by showing how much work is remaining over time.  ExtremePlanner supports burn-down charts at the release and iteration (or sprint) levels, as well as a project-level chart thats shows how much is getting done in each development cycle. 
  • I'm using index cards currently to plan my XP projects.  How can I use ExtremePlanner to supplement these?
    Index cards used for planning with a co-located team can be very effective, but they do have some limitations.  In particular, ExtremePlanner makes it easier to accomodate distributed teams, as well as supporting independent QA teams that often have traceability requirements.  ExtremePlanner also keeps a full history of changes to requirements and estimates, providing good input to project retrospectives.
  • Do you use Agile techniques to develop ExtremePlanner? Do you use ExtremePlanner yourself?
    Yes and yes! We use ExtremePlanner ourselves to plan and prioritize features and defects, and to track our progress towards a release.  Our own development process is Scrum-based, with elements of XP mixed in. 
  • Who is using ExtremePlanner?
    ExtremePlanner has been well-received since it's introduction in 2004, and is in use at companies ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small technology startups.  Our 30-day no-risk purchase guarantee makes it easy to see for yourself that ExtremePlanner can help improve your development process.


  • If I buy a X user license, can I upgrade later to Y users without paying full price?
    Yes, we allow you to upgrade the number of users at any time.
  • What does the annual support purchase include?
    Annual support gives you priority email support and free product upgrades for one year.  This is the best way to continue receiving ExtremePlanner improvements at the lowest possible cost.
  • How many servers can I install the ExtremePlanner software on?
    The license terms allow you to install on a single server machine at a time, and that machine may have any number of CPUs.  For each additional installation, you will need a separate license. 
  • Is a hosted version of ExtremePlanner available?
    ExtremePlanner Software does not directly offer a hosted version, but we have partnered with AccessQuery, Inc. who offers "XPLive" - secure premium hosting for ExtremePlanner .  You can find out more at


  • What technology does ExtremePlanner use?
    ExtremePlanner is written in 100% Java.  It uses a reliable embedded SQL database to store project information (Hypersonic).
  • Do I need to have additional software or infrastructure to run ExtremePlanner?
    No, ExtremePlanner comes with everything you need to get started on a Windows platform.  There are no hidden costs or other technical hurdles to keep you from getting started quickly. Under Linux, you'll need to install a few additional components which are freely available.
  • Can I use my own database system with ExtremePlanner?
    Although the default embedded database setup is the fastest way to get started, it is possible to use ExtremePlanner with other database systems.  We support MySQL 5.0 as an option under Windows and Linux.  Contact us for information on this and other platforms.
  • Can I run ExtremePlanner under Linux or other platforms?
    Yes, we support Linux distributions which you can run on any version of Unix or Linux that support Java 1.4.x or higher, and Apache Tomcat 4.1 or higher. Contact us for more information on these options.















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System Requirements:

Server OS:
- Windows 2000/XP/2003
- Unix/Linux
  * JDK 1.4.2+
  * Apache Tomcat 4.1+

- Any modern browser
- Any operating system


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