The Simplest Way to Manage Your Distributed Agile Software Project
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How-To Guides

Quick tips on implementing Agile project management with ExtremePlanner.


This section lists articles on agile project planning, software development, and other related topics.  We hope you'll find these useful in planning and running your software development projects.

  • Agile Project Planning
    An overview of the problems with traditional software project management, and how an agile approach to project planning can help. By David Churchville.

  • 3 Surefire Ways to Meet Your Software Project Deadline
    Three tips on how you can meet your project deadline without working overtime or reducing quality. By David Churchville.

  • The Seven Properties of Running an Agile Project
    A chapter excerpt from the book Crystal Clear Applied on the properties observed on successful software teams, and how these can be applied to running agile projects. By Alistair Cockburn.

  • The New Methodology
    Good coverage of the "agile methods" being used today, and comparing and contrasting these to traditional methods.  Discusses the reasons for using such methods, along with references to the different flavors available, and how they might fit your environment.  By Martin Fowler.










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