The Simplest Way to Manage Your Distributed Agile Software Project

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See all current releases planned for the project, iterations in progress, and what everyone is working on at a glance.  Drill down to see relevant project details with one click.


Status Reporting and Notifications
See what's new or changed in your project since yesterday (or any date range you choose). Subscribe to email notifications for the types of project changes you're interested in.


Release and Iteration Planning
Drag and drop features to plan your releases.  ExtremePlanner keeps track of total effort and capacity and warns you if you go over your limits.


Manage Stories, Issues, Tasks, Tests and More with Ease
Capture and organize all the project information as you need including user stories, issues, tasks, test cases, file attachments and links to internal or external resources. From customer requests and support calls to a finished software release, ExtremePlanner has everything you need, and nothing you don't.


Tracking Progress
Track progress in daily meetings with views of tasks in progress, not yet started, or completed.  Monitor project activity over the development cycle with release and iteration burn-down charts.


Reporting and Exporting
Sort, search and filter lists of project stories, tasks, or test cases to get more detail on where you stand.  Import feature lists or tasks from Excel. Export project data to Excel, Word, or XML format.  See a quick snapshot of the release plan from different angles.



Access Control and Traceability
Track any change to the project with full audit logging.  Limit user access to only the projects they are involved with.


IDE Integration
Developers can view and update task information right from Eclipse or Visual Studio. 



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