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ExtremePlanner Microsoft VisualStudio 2005 Add-In

The ExtremePlanner VisualStudio 2005 AddIn is now available free to ExtremePlanner 3.0 customers.

[ Click for information on the Eclipse Plugin ]


  • ExtremePlanner 3.0 installation (or a hosted account at XPLive)
  • API extensions for ExtremePlanner (see below)
  • Microsoft VisualStudio 2005

Installation Instructions

  • Run the MSI file and follow the instructions
  • Restart VisualStudio and open the Tools->Add-In Manager to enable the Add-In.
  • Use the Configure button from the Add-In interface to configure your access.


Configuration page for the Add-In. Here you'll need to enter the base URL of your ExtremePlanner server, including the port number. You'll also enter your user login and password.

VS2005 Configuration Dialog

The Add-In will install a window in the IDE that you can dock at the bottom of VisualStudio. The width of the Add-In's window is too large to be docked on the left- or right-hand sides of the IDE. The Add-In activates when you load a solution into VisualStudio.

VS2005 Interface Window

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System Requirements:

Server OS:
- Windows 2000/XP/2003
- Unix/Linux
  * JDK 1.4.2+
  * Apache Tomcat 4.1+

- Any modern browser
- Any operating system


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