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ExtremePlanner Release Notes

Version 3.4 - June 2010

  • Cross-Project Story Themes
    You can now tag a story with one or more user-defined cross-project themes, browse stories by theme, and report on stories than contain particular themes across projects
  • Create a Story from an Issue
    You can now create a story from the issue Edit page, which will automatically link the story to the issue
  • Improved Story Linking
    You can add or edit related links for stories, and now can see which stories are linking to a particular story from it's Edit page.
  • Quick Item Lookup
    You can now do a quick search by ID for any story, task, or issue in the system from the top menu
  • Project Archiving
    You can now archive a Project so that it no longer appears in reports or lists, but can still be retrieved later.

Version 3.3 - February 2009

  • Story Templates
    Copy a story along with its tasks to use as a template for commonly occuring stories.
  • Multi-Project Timeline View
    New multi-project timeline view shows upcoming releases and iterations and their current status for all projects in your system in a single view.
  • Move Stories between Projects
    Support for moving stories (along with associated tasks, etc.) in bulk between projects.
  • Enhanced To Do List
    Now shows both directly assigned tasks as well as those that the user is "paired" on via the Task pair assignment.
  • Password Strengh Enforcement
    New option to use a regular expression to enforce user password strength in your organization.
  • Minor User Interface Enhancements
    Small changes to improve the usability and appearance of the application.

Version 3.2 - April 2008

  • User Workload Reporting
    Track the current user workload by total assigned and remaining hours across all projects. Drill-down on specific users to see a per-project breakdown. Helps project managers keep the workload balanced.
  • Multi-Project To Do List
    Enhanced To Do List allows users to see a single view of their active tasks and issues across all projects.
  • Test Case Import
    Test cases can now be imported from Excel along with stories and tasks.
  • Various Usability Enhancements
    • Select all/deselect all for list views
    • More room for entering story and task descriptions
    • Full-screen edit mode for rich text editing
    • Ability to delete stories/tasks/tests from the edit page
    • Move a task or test case to any story in the same project
    • Reset status for test results - can "clear" a test result to allow retesting
    • Notification emails now include links to the story/task/issue that generated them

Version 3.1 - July 2007

  • Integrated Issue Tracking
    Track customer support requests, bug reports, or suggestions quickly and easily without cluttering your story backlog. If an issue does require development work, you can create user stories and link them back to the original issues.    
  • Rich Text Editing Support
    Optional support for formatting of story, task, test, and issue descriptions, including lists and tables.  Can be enabled or disabled for your environment.
  • Enhanced Recent Activity Reporting
    Monitor project activity including story, task, and issue updates, comments, and files added at a glance. See what's new or changed over any time period for the project.  Now includes ability to see activity for a specific user.  
  • Personal To Do List View
    New To-Do List view lets you quickly scan your own assigned tasks and issues at a glance on login.   
  • Enhanced Iteration Task Board View
    Iteration status view (task board) now supports an iteration health indicator that shows the calendar days remaining and estimates how long your team needs to finish the current work planned. Keep it green to stay on track, or dig deeper if it goes red too often.
  • More Flexible Release/Iteration Planning
    You can now optionally use summed up task estimates for stories during release and iteration planning, configurable for your environment. 

Version 3.0 - February 2007

  • Project Activity Monitoring
    Monitor project activity such as story and task updates, comments, and files added at a glance. See what's new or changed over any time period for the project.
  • Drag and Drop Release and Iteration Planning
    Make planning and prioritizing quick and easy with drag and drop scheduling, including automatic effort calculation. Warning indicators tell you when your plan exceeds estimated release or iteration capacity.
  • Enhanced Email Notification Support
    Task updates can now be sent as notifications.  Users can filter their notifications by type, as well as by their participation in tasks or stories.
  • Improved Integration with External Systems
    Support for internal and external story links, including other related stories, external bug tracking systems, wikis and more.
  • IDE Plugin Support
    Developers can review and update their tasks directly from Eclipse or Visual Studio IDEs using our complimentary plugins.
  • Navigation and Usability Enhancements
    New Backlog link on Project Summary to show unscheduled stories.  Expand/collapse Tasks functionality added to Iteration Status view.  Minor navigation improvements throughout.   

Version 2.2 - September 2006

  • Multiple Project Summary View
    Users can now view all of their authorized projects with upcoming milestones and progress for each.
  • Flexible Story Estimate Units
    Customers can now configure the system to specify story estimates in hours, days, weeks, or points.
  • Enhanced Excel Imports
    Tasks can now be imported along with user stories during Excel imports.
  • Export to MS Project or XML
    Project data can now be exported to Microsoft Project Exchage (MPX) or to generic XML format.
  • Release burn-down chart and project velocity chart
    Support for release burn-down charts to show progress by iteration, and a new project velocity to show iteration velocity over time
  • Troubled Task Indicator
    Tasks whose actual hours exceed their estimates are highlighted in red (change from previous behavior).
  • Customizable List Views
    Users can select which columns are displayed for story, task and test case list views and their relative widths.
  • Move Tasks and Test Cases
    Tasks and test cases can now be moved from their original story to another.
  • Task and Test Case File Attachments
    Users can now attach files to both tasks and test cases in addition to stories
  • Customizable Branding
    Users can specify a custom header to brand the application for their company

Version 2.1 - April 2006

  • New Release Plan view
    View scheduled stories for a release, with the estimated effort subtotaled by topic or iteration. Good for high-level release planning.  
  • Email Notification Support
    Users are automatically notified by email when a story is added or changed (or a file or comment is added). This can be set as a preference in the user options.
  • Enhanced Test Reporting
    Test results can now be linked to a target iteration to enable regression test reporting. The main test case view can be filtered by results for a specific iteration.
  • Export to Word (Rich Text Format)
    Stories, release plans, task lists, and test reports can now be exported to RTF (in addition to Excel).
  • Miscellaneous
    Several minor bugs were fixed, including an IE 6.0 problem with downloading attachements. The Story and Task lists now display a sortable Last Updated column - this should help with quickly seeing what's changed recently.

Version 2.0 - December 2005

  • Support for Test Case Management
    A story can now have Test Cases associated with it. Tests can be run and their results recorded. A global list is also available for selecting and reporting on test status.
  • New Iteration Burn-Down Chart
    The chart shows both hours remaining and hours completed per day for the iteration. Available from a new Metrics menu on the Iteration Status view.
  • Story Continuation
    A story can now be continued in another iteration. This will make a copy of the story and move all incomplete tasks to the new copy.
  • Support for User Comments
    Story and task Comments can now be added from the edit screens. Comments can contain hyperlinks which are automatically parsed. You can use this feature to link to external systems such as bug trackers, as well as link to items within ExtremePlanner.
  • Bulk Scheduling
    Stories can now be scheduled in bulk for a release and/or iteration. A new Schedule feature is availabel from the story list page.
  • Miscellaneous
    Iteration Status view now displays iteration statistics at the top, and current test status for each story. Users now have an option to limit the scope of releases and iterations that are shown.


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